Thursday, March 12, 2015


Spring forward. Most of us were required to adjust our clocks by moving them forward one hour. Spring forward is what we call it. It's close to the time of the year when flowers bloom, the grass is green, and we consistently receive pleasant weather. I look forward to this time of year each year, but this year I feel more excited. I feel excited because it's time to spring forward not only in time but in life.

Yes! It's time to spring into action and dust off the plans I put to the side. It's time to spring forward with new beginnings. I feel a sense of springing within and I'm totally excited about it. Are you excited about the new season? Are you ready to spring forward? Is it time for you to take great leaps in faith and let God take you to where He wants you to go? Let's spring forward into a new thing.

Be blessed.