Wednesday, May 27, 2015


At times we have to be pushed to the place we ought to be. The push comes  in many forms. It does not always feel good. In fact, it can be quite uncomfortable when we choose to remain is such a stable and comfortable place then are pushed out of that place. Although uncomfortable and sometimes painful, the push is necessary.

God is more concerned with our purpose than comfort. He will stir things up to push us into our purpose. God does not do these things to make us miserable, but He is doing it to push us into our purpose. I can personally say that I have recently experienced a chain of events that have prompted me to take the steps to not just flip the page to a new chapter in a book, so to speak, but to close the book. I can honestly say I do not know how much longer I would have chosen to remain in this stagnated, unhappy, comfortable place if those specific events had not happened.

We may not recognize the push for what it is or even appreciate it at the time, but one day we will be so grateful for it.

Be blessed.