Sunday, January 16, 2011


Spending alone time with Jesus is a precious time for me. Sometimes, I go to Him with such heavy burdens I know I ought not to carry, so in that time, I give them over to Him. Afterwards, I walk away from prayer with peace because I know He takes care of anything troubling me. Other times, I just sit and listen to Jesus. I have nothing to say, but my heart is always ready to receive what He has to say to me. Then there are those times when the unexpected happens.

That was the case this yesterday morning during prayer. I had a list of the people and things I wanted to pray about it. I have family and friends who are not saved and do not know Jesus. I have family and friends who need restoration in their families. Well, there was much more on the list, but let me just say, only the Lord needs to know who and what was on the list. Anyway, before making requests and voicing my concerns to Jesus, I asked Him to make my time with Him different. Just something different. I asked Him if He would do something unexpected.

After I prayed and sat in silence, I waited. I guess you can say I was expecting the unexpected. All of sudden, the unexpected happen. Maybe Jesus honored my request to remind me that He hears me. Maybe it would have happened anyway, even if I had not asked. Maybe my request was honored simply because I asked and expected to receive just what I had asked. Only Jesus knows. What I will say for sure is when you make a request of Him and never look for the answer to come, then there should be no surprise when you do not receive.

I keep a sense of expectation each day. I expect to see miracles at anytime. I am excited to see the miracles we often think of when it comes to Jesus. You know, someone on a death bed one day and walking around with a clean bill of health the next. Or when blind eyes can see. But, I look at the people carrying on with their normal duties each day and think, "Oh, what a miracle." When I look into the mirror, I recognize that I am miracle. Just the whole idea of how God made man is a miracle, all by itself. So you see, I am always expecting Jesus to show up and show out someway and somehow.

What are you expecting from the Lord? Or is the question, "Are you expecting from the Lord?"

Be blessed.