Thursday, September 22, 2011


Planning is an essential part of life. You hope to get the results you desire when you  follow a plan. But what happens when you have your life planned out, but it does not go as planned? You can make plans, but you are not always in control of the outcome. You can try to control the outcome as much as possible, but other things can happen to dictate what happens in your life.

When life turns out unexpectedly, it often leads to disappointment. You might believe God somehow disappointed you or that you have disappointed others. You might even feel as though you have disappointed yourself. Do away with feeling disappointed. You should trust God with your life and where He is taking you. You will not always understand or know the reasons why your plans do not come together as you think they should, but when you trust in God and flow with Him, you will realize His plan for you is far greater than all the plans you have made for yourself. Thank Him.

Be blessed.

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