Sunday, December 9, 2012


We know we serve an unlimited God who moves in unlimited ways. In His unlimited ways, God sometimes speaks to us and gives us messages through unlikely sources. I will share what might perhaps be an embarrassing moment to some if it happened to them, but I am not embarrassed, only appreciative for the message.

Just the other day while making candy in my kitchen, I thought to myself, "I have no counter space left and I need more room to store my kitchen gadgets." After I stirred the chocolate and placed the lid on the pot, I looked up and noticed a cabinet I did not know existed. Maybe it is not a big deal to over look a cabinet if you just moved into a new place of residence, but I have resided in my home for over 13 years! I shook my head in disbelief because I did not notice it before that day. I constantly complain about the size of my kitchen and that I need more counter and cabinet space to prepare meals and entertain. From within I heard, "Sometimes you ask for and search for things that are right under your nose and have been the entire time." I smiled and meditated on the truth of that statement.

That simple message did not come from another person, it did not come through a dream or vision, but through the realization of the existence of a kitchen cabinet. I say this only to give a simple message. God will use anyone or anything to give you a message. Do not miss His message because it is not sent through who you expect or delivered in a way you expect. 

Be blessed.

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