Saturday, March 9, 2013


I get excited when I receive confirmations God has spoken to me. Sometimes we may doubt He is speaking to us. Maybe it is not that we doubt, but we are just not so sure. What is exciting to me are the ways in which God chooses to confirm what He has spoken.

God is not limited in His ways when sending confirmations to us. He will confirm what He has spoken through the Bible, people, dreams, even through nature. The list is endless. Do not think it is such a strange thing to ask God a question and He gives you an answer. Then someone, perhaps a stranger, walks up to you and in the midst of a conversation speaks the very thing God spoke to you. Maybe you pass by a billboard with a message that gives confirmation. God is awesome like that. 

When you experience these types of things, do not dismiss it as a mere coincidence. Give it more thought and recognize God gives us confirmations.

Be blessed.


  1. Thanks for this! It truly strengthened my faith, in that I have recently been brushing aside possible confirmations as "coincidences." I realize that this discredits the Lord. I have been struggling with whether to believe if the Lord has recently spoken something to me, or if I have created the thought/belief myself. After a few confirmations, I continued to think I was reading into the situations too much. I asked for another confirmation, and God gave it to me. HE is good and always willing to be patient with our doubts! We must be patient for his timing!

  2. You're welcome.

    You are exactly right. He is perfect, making His timing perfect. We must patiently wait for the Lord to answer us.