Thursday, November 18, 2010


It is sad to see the ending of some things in our lives. This includes relationships, jobs, seasons, and many more things. All of these things end at some point for whatever reason. The end can cause pain, a little bit of sadness, but it can also bring such joy and excitement. When one door closes, another door opens. New relationships are formed, new jobs may begin, and a new season starts, and so on.

When a door closes on the past, one tends to look back and think on what was, what could have been, and perhaps, what should have been. We cannot live in the past and expect to move ahead to the future. There are many great opportunities waiting on the other side of the other door. Sure, taking the first step across the threshold may not be comfortable, but it can be so exciting at the same time. Many doors have closed in my life lately, and although I am a little nervous about what the future holds for me, I am totally excited about what the Lord has for me. I can only expect great things for me when the Lord is involved.

So, go ahead, walk away from closed doors and open the door to your future.

Be blessed.

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