Monday, November 22, 2010


Thanksgiving Day is near and all of the signs that one of America's favorite holidays are present. Pumpkins, crowded grocery stores, busy airports, and Christmas commercials can be seen and Christmas tunes fill the air, setting the tone for another favorite holiday which is Christmas. Thanksgiving is the time of year when families come together, share food, and good conversation.

I am reminded of the scene in most holiday movies. Family and friends gather around the dinner table, hold hands, and each state the reasons he/she is thankful. It is such a nice moment to share with others, but what about being thankful everyday and not just on Thanksgiving Day? Why wait until the day of Thanksgiving to tell the Lord how thankful you are for the people He has blessed you with in your life or for all He has done for you? Everyday is Thanksgiving Day in my opinion. I thank God everyday. Before I get out of bed, I say to Him, "Thank You for allowing me to see another day."

Why wait until Thanksgiving to share special time with friends and family? You do not have to prepare some elaborate meal and slave over a hot stove for hours, or even days preparing food. A sandwich, flavored water, and good conversation with family or a dear friend works for me. Okay, I will even take a glass of regular refreshing water. Oh no, there is nothing wrong with a good Thanksgiving meal, but what I am saying is, do not get so caught up into the food. Remember the One who blessed you to see that day and who is the Provider of the food. Remember to be grateful for your family and great friends at all times.

Be blessed.

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