Monday, April 4, 2011


What do you do when you face one closed door after another? You have faith. Then you decide to take a leap, and all of a sudden.... BAM!!! You hit another closed door. You're blinded by what you see. By all appearances, everything seems just right. Everything feels just right. It look as though all things are lined up, working in your favor. So why is the door closed? Oh, how I wish I had the answer for you. I can only give you my thoughts on closed doors and provide a bit of encouragement to you.
Like most of you, I’ve questioned why things aren't happening for me. I've found myself excited about a new opportunity, relationship, or something else, only to find it's not meant to be. Now, I look at closed doors in a different way. I look at them as blessings from God. Because doors remain closed to me, I can only think God is protecting me from situations not favorable for me. Or maybe the timing is not right for me. Imagine this. Imagine three closed doors. Two of the doors you can open right away or you can opt to wait on the third door to open up to you at the perfect time. Behind door number one is a situation that causes you much pain, although it appears to be one that brings you joy. Behind door number two is something good, but it isn't great. Behind door number three God has such a great blessing for you. A blessing far greater than you ever imagined or could imagine. Now come on, which door would you rather open? I choose number three. Yes, I have to wait longer for it to open, but all of the blessings stored behind the door is worth waiting for, right?

I want you to understand that you shouldn't allow a closed door to discourage you. Look at is God's protection and/or because He has something greater for you at another time or perhaps another place. Closed doors can be blessings. 

Be blessed.

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