Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Change is coming. It's inevitable. Positive or negative. Like it or not. It's on the way. So how should you respond to change? Specifically, unwanted change? Well, you have several options. To name a few, you can pout about it, fight against it, get mad about it, or you can be excited about it and embrace it.

There's no point in wasting energy fighting against the inevitable. Embrace the changes in your life by controlling your attitude towards them. Maintain a positive attitude as you go through change. It's easy to recognize the great rewards in a positive change, but can be quite difficult to do with unwanted change. You will find opportunities to grow and potentially bless others in some way even when experiencing unwanted change if you embrace it.

Change isn't easy for everybody and we don't always understand the reason for it. Once you embrace it and learn to not let it overwhelm you, peace comes. 

"By changing nothing, nothing changes." ~Anonymous

Be blessed.

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