Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's that time of the year again. I'm sure we can find things we don't want to keep in 2012. We have some material things to give away or throw out and there are certainly negative attitudes and negative thoughts we should not carry into this year. It's time to move 'em on out of the way.

Today is a fresh start to a new year. While it's true we can't control everything that comes our way, we can control our attitudes regarding the things we face. I always say, turn negatives into positives. You think you have it bad, but someone else has it much worse than you do.

Don't dwell on what you did or didn't do last year. If you choose to focus on the past, you will miss what God wants to do for you right now. You will soon find you're getting nowhere by holding firm to your past.

Expect great things this year. I won't tell you everyday will be free of problems or troubles, but I can tell you to remember God's Word and what He says about your situation. If you haven't already, get rid of the things that profit you nothing. Just move 'em out. Start the year off right.

Be blessed.

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