Sunday, July 1, 2012


Tristan, my six year old nephew, happily played with his toy until it broke. He asked his mom and grandma to repair his toy but they did not help him at the time he asked. He said aloud, "Maybe Jesus can help me fix it.”I was shocked and thrilled to hear this. Shocked that a six year old would say such a thing, but thrilled to know he knows who to call on in his time of need. There is a lot to be learned from this.

I begin to think of adult believers who know Jesus and what He is capable of doing, but when trouble comes, they do not seek Him first, if at all. Most people grab the phone before praying. If phoning a friend does not work, they go into panic mode. Children are so innocent, loving, and are ready and willing to trust. We, as adults, should be just as trusting in Jesus who can fix whatever problem we face.

Oh, you might be wondering what happened with Tristan's toy. Well, Jesus fixed it.

Be blessed.

Aunt Misty & Tristan

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