Friday, July 27, 2012


We all get in a rut sometimes, but if you find yourself day after day feeling down or depressed, you might be stuck in a rut? If you have found yourself in this place, it is time to make some changes. 

You have to want to change your life. Others can want it for you and encourage you as much as they can, but ultimately, you have to want it for yourself. Often times, you know exactly what you need to change in your life but might find yourself lacking the courage to do what is needed. 

Do something different. Do something you have never done. Take a different route to work. Talk a walk in the park instead of exercising indoors. Even a small change can be a significant change. 

Refocus. You might find yourself stuck in a rut if you focus on the wrong things. If you look too long at the past, you might find it hard to clearly see the present and the future. If you are constantly looking at negatives it is hard to see and enjoy the positives.

Change your attitude. The attitude you have in all circumstances and situations play a role in the results you create in your life. While it is true you will experience unexpected bumps along life’s journey, it is your choice what type of attitude you will have as you endure them. Control your attitude. Do not let your attitude control you.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are times when most of us make life harder than it is or needs to be. In life there are lessons to be learned. You can opt to grow and become stronger from them or remain in a rut. In order to see how blessed your life is, you might have to take a step back from your own life and look at the lives of those who are not as fortunate as you. It is hard to feel sorry for yourself when someone has it much worse.

If you are stuck in a rut, it is time to shake things up!

Be blessed.

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  1. Another wonderful, encouraging post, Misty! Thanks for sharing some wonderful truths that I need to listen to and act on. :)