Saturday, April 24, 2010


In the past, I found myself trying to figure out reasons to explain why certain people I was once close to, were removed from my life. We had no arguments, no harsh words were spoken between us, and no obvious reason exists for the lack of communication that caused the relationships to dwindle away. Now that I have grown spiritually, I have come to learn the role each person plays in my life. Each of us plays a role in the life of someone else. Once you come to recognize the purpose a person plays in your life, you will understand and know exactly what to do when this happens. It makes the exit of a friend, or someone that once played an important role in your life, easier.

Speaking from personal experience, I know God has removed some people from my life because they would be a distraction or hindrance to my spiritual growth. I am not saying these people were bad, but they did not add to my spiritual growth. Let us look at past romantic-type relationships as an example. I can look back at each one (and there has only been three in my lifetime) and the fact that they ended without no real cause. At the time, I wondered how something that seemed so right quickly could go so wrong. But now, I recognize God had a hand in all of it and these men, although good men, were not the type of people who would influence me to go to a higher level in the Lord. I know God has given us the freedom to make our own choices, but I like to believe He removed them from my life for my good and His glory.

Many people are being ushered in and out of my life right now, but I trust God. My constant prayer to Him is to remove anyone or anything which could be a hindrance in my life. Those who go, I do not question their exit. Those who remain, I know their time with me is for a season, reason, or a lifetime. I trust they remain in my life because each has a role to play in my work for the kingdom of God. I know they are not necessarily present in my life to help me in the literal sense of the word, but I may have an assignment from my Father and I must do what He has told me to do. If and when they exit my life, I can rest knowing my assignment and season with them is completed.

The next time you find yourself questioning the exit of a friend or loved one, seek our Father for instructions and answers. You may find those people were removed so that you can move.......higher in your calling for the kingdom of God and your spiritual journey.

Be blessed.

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