Saturday, July 17, 2010


Perfectionism. I do not think striving for perfection is bad at all, but when it starts to interfere in your life then perfection is a problem. You see, with me, I expect everything to be perfect. I allow others to make mistakes and give them room to err, but it is hard for me to get over making mistakes. You might ask yourself how can I allow others to be human and not myself. Well, I cannot answer that one for you. I think if I had the answer, I could get over this perfectionist thing quite easily. I definitely cannot fight this on my own and I have called on Jesus to help me though it. It is a battle for me, although not your typical daily battle we hear or read about in our inspirational readings or articles.

Flaws. We all have them. We see them. No one is perfect and I know this, but something deep inside tells me I must be perfect in all I do. I have gotten better in dealing with perfectionism, but I have a way to go. I know with my flaws and all, God still loves me. The idea that all saints are perfect has to go bye bye. It is not so. Perfect with maturity perhaps, but flawless, not so. Some of those who have not accepted Christ believe they must be perfect or flawless before giving their lives to Him. No, come to Him as you are, surrender to Him, and a transformation will take place. We are human. We make mistakes. It is usually through mistakes that we learn, grow, and become successful. Not only in careers and such, but successful in daily living.

As I said before, I have not completely resigned from my position as a perfectionist, but I am learning to love myself more just as I am. I will never stop striving for perfection, but I must recognize the proper balance between perfection and giving or doing my best. Beating myself up over mistakes is what should not be acceptable in my life. God designed me. He designed me for a purpose. Yes, I have flaws, but flaws and all, God still loves me. With your flaws and all, God still loves you, too.

Be blessed.

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