Sunday, July 25, 2010


I know we must leave the past in the past, but at times I reflect on where I once was to where I am now. I use my moments of reflection to help me press on each and every day. Oh my! God has done such a work in me! No, I am not perfect and like everyone else, I am work in progress, but my my my, He has done a work in me! He has taken me from mess to success.

Many people measure success by the type of car one drives, the house one lives in, or by the amount of money in a bank account. Those things can certainly indicate success, but when I mention success, I am not talking about material things. I am referring to the success of holy living, being whole, and being a winner. I like to use the term mess when I refer to my former self. Some of those who know me may disagree, but they do not know the hurt or turmoil that existed within me before I accepted Jesus. Things might have appeared okay on the outside, but the only way to describe how I was internally is to say I was a complete mess. It was easy to put on a false face while battling in my mind.

Today I fight a different kind of battle. I know the type of life God wants me to live. I am a success because Jesus saved me. I am success because I am free. If you are fighting battles in your mind, stuck in a life of sin, or living in a state of confusion, you do not have to remain as you are. Trust God. Trust the One who has the power to set you free. He will take you from mess to success.

Be blessed.

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