Friday, July 9, 2010


Recently, I observed photos of a woman in her 70's with a body many women might envy. She started body building in her 50’s. Keep in mind I’m many years younger, but I desire a body that looks much like the one she sports. Genes are not the cause for her physique, but much hard work and dedication. Now, if she can do it at her age, then it’s not too late for those of us who desire a similar look. It’s not too late to shape up and it’s not too late to set other goals and reach them. As long as you’re breathing, it’s not too late.

I don’t know about you, but I get a little agitated with limits society has placed, or tries to place on us. Well, I won’t say us because I’ve chosen to trust God over anything man has to say about what I can or can’t do. In the summer of 2007 I decided it was finally time to tackle one of my goals. That goal was to obtain a masters degree. So I applied that summer and enrolled for the Fall semester of the same year. Next month will be one year since I proudly walked across the stage, proving it can be done. I worked full-time and attended school full-time. Yes, it can be done. I know there are other stories of men and women, who are much older and went through more than I did to accomplish the same goal, but my point is, I made up my mind to do it and with much prayer and determination, I reached my goal.

Let’s look at this from another view. How about marriage and parenthood? Some singles reach 30 and think the chance for marriage has escaped them. A lot of this thinking comes from society which says marriage should take place during our 20’s. I’m glad I haven’t married before now. I’m over 30 and within the last couple of years I’ve found out who I am and what I want in life. If you desire marriage, don’t give up hope that it will happen one day. We’re still breathing, so it’s not too late to propose marriage or receive a marriage proposal

Articles paint a dim picture for women who become pregnant close to 40 and over. Well, I think as long as your body is able and a woman has her mind made up to birth a child, then the choice is hers to make. Why is that an age above 35 is considered too old to become a mother? Maybe 41 or 42 is the right age for some women and their circumstances. I’m not naïve to medical issues that could possibly happen in a woman’s body as she ages, but I trust what God has to say about their situation. I trust Him in my situation. I personally have my mind up as to what is too old for me when it comes to getting pregnant, but I certainly will not hold any other woman or couple to my belief on this subject.

Listen up. Continue to set goals. If you don’t set goals, maybe you should do so in order to have something to work towards in your life. Each step you make puts you closer to your goal. Each step is a step of success. Don’t let anyone define your limits. It's so important to be careful with whom you share your dreams. The world is full of dream killers. I refuse to let anyone define my success or determine who I will become or where I will go in life. Do you want a degree? Seek out colleges and apply. Do you want your own business? Start writing business plans. Do you want to travel the world? Start saving up and mapping out places you want to visit. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Be blessed.

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