Friday, June 11, 2010


Many people are walking around angry or upset up over petty things. I'm guilty of letting small things of no importance upset me, but I thank God I know now that I don't have to let those things control me or my emotions. Don't get me wrong, some things are serious and do demand our attention. Some things are worthy of causing us to become angry, but for so many reasons, we should never act out of anger or hurt. The reasons for this will come in another entry at some point.

So you're angry because someone talked about you. Well, as my pastor has stated, "Before they talked about you, they had to think about you." You're on their minds. They’re thinking about you. You’ve made some sort of impact on them. Let's be honest about something. Who hasn't talked about somebody? Jesus was the topic of many discussions. He was talked about and ridiculed. As a matter of fact, people are still talking about and ridiculing Him. Hmm, something to think about, right? So they talked about you, is it really that serious? Just let it go. The Lord has a way of revealing fact from fiction and righting those things which are wrong.

Okay, so you haven't caught word that somebody is talking about you. Maybe you’re harboring grudges over something petty from a past relationship (romantic, family, friend, co-worker, etc). You must ask the Lord to help you get over those feelings. How can you have prosperous relationships carrying a baggage of negative emotions and grudges from past relationships? Whatever the baggage is, is it really that serious? Just think about it. Hand it over to the One who can make it all better. Just let it go.

There’s not enough time or space to deal with all of the things you have to let go. If you’re allowing petty things, petty emotions, and people with petty agendas to keep you angry or upset, it’s time to make some choices. Whatever it is, is it really that serious? If it is, and you can’t seem to get over it, you have to get in prayer and deal with it head on with the help of the Lord. If it isn't that serious, JUST LET IT GO.

Be blessed.

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