Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Lately, I have found myself saying, "If only I had known this. If only I had known that. If only I had done this. If only I had done that." After these thoughts flooded my mind, although for a short time, still, they flooded my mind, I believe the Lord has me right where He wants me. I have since stopped my "if" way of thinking. I have made many decisions and choices that did not meet God's approval, but things have turned around for my good and His glory. I thank God for the transformation He has made in me. I am not the only one who should thank God for transformation!

I am sure there are many reasons why the Lord has me right where He wants me. I cannot name all of those reasons. I will say this, there is no way consumed with depression, heartache, pain, and a lack of faith could I be used or positioned for the wonderful and great works He has for me to do for the kingdom of God. Oh, I will get to my desired places, but I only want to get there if the Lord is taking me there. I know if His hands are all over the things I do and set out to do, success and greatness are sure to follow.

It is easy to become frustrated because you think He has forgotten you or because things are not happening quickly. I have been there and if I am not careful, I will slip into frustration mode. You should know in the midst of your frustrations, the Lord only wants the best for you. His best includes wanting you to receive in the proper timing or in the proper season. You may think you ready are ready for something, but are you really ready? Be honest with yourself before answering this question. You may be ready, but the people involved may not be ready or in position. I know it can be difficult to keep trusting the Lord with your desires when your heart has longed for years, but you must keep trusting Him! It would be really sad for you to give up your trust in Him now, right when He is about to bring your desires to pass.

When you have prayed to the Lord, given Him complete control of your life, and allowed Him to order your steps, you just have to flow with Him. The next time you think you should be in some other position or place in life and you are truly flowing with the Lord, I think you should say to yourself, "The Lord has me right where He wants me.

Be blessed.

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