Monday, June 28, 2010


I go through times in my life when I feel the Lord does not hear me. I guess this is what is called a dry period or dry season. Who has not experienced many of those, right? I pray and pray and my prayers seem to fall on deaf ears. I go on with my normal routine, you know what I mean? I continue to go through the motions. All the while, I'm asking the Lord, "Do you hear me? How much longer must I wait? When will things change for me?" Still, no answer..... so it seems. Sometimes He speaks the most during His silence.

I do not know about you, but although He has proved Himself to me over and over again, every once in awhile, when I think He is not listening to me, I attempt to abandon my spirit of expectancy. No, I am not perfect. I strive for perfection, yet I am still human. So, the human side of me sometimes just wants to give up on expecting to receive what I have asked of the Lord. But then, out of nowhere, He moves just before I stop believing. I do not want to think of how things may have turned out if I had stopped believing. After He answers my prayers, I certainly feel guilty that I thought about giving up on Him.

He moves just before I stop believing I will receive a financial miracle. He moves just before I stop believing I will receive the phone call I have been waiting on. He moves just when I stop believing things will change on my job. The number of times the Lord has moved my behalf is endless.

I want you to know, although the Lord may not move in the timing or way you would like, does not mean He is not listening to you. It does not necessarily mean He is denying your requests. It may take time to bring answers to your questions. You can have the wrong thing at the right time or the right thing at the wrong time. He knows what is best. We simply have to trust Him. Do not give up on expecting Him to give you the righteous desires of your heart. Man disappoints, but the Lord never disappoints.

Be blessed.

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